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Easter Jokes

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Does the Easter Bunny like baseball? Oh, yes. He's a rabbit fan!
What's pink, has five toes, and is carried by the Easter Bunny? His lucky people's foot!
What's long and stylish and full of cats? The Easter Purrade!
What has long ears, four legs, and is worn on your head? An Easter bunnet!
Boy 1: "How did you get that bruise on your arm?" Boy 2: "I ate some Easter candy." Boy 1: "Eating Easter candy won't give you a bruise." Boy 2: "It will if it's your big brother's candy!"
What would you get if you crossed the Easter Bunny with an overstressed person? An Easter basket case!
What's yellow, has long ears, and grows on trees? The Easter Bunana!
Why are you stuffing all that Easter candy into your mouth?" "Because it doesn't taste as good if I stuff it in my ears."
Would you like something from my Easter basket? "Sure!" "Here. Have some plastic grass."
"Why are you studying your Easter candy?" "I'm trying to decide which came first-the chocolate chicken or the chocolate egg!"
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